Travel & Health

Standalone Travel Insurance

If things go wrong, either whilst you are away or before you leave, this can have substantial financial consequences to you.  It could be that you need to cancel a holiday due to illness or you are taken ill abroad.  Although travel insurance is by no means compulsory, Bloom recommends to clients that they have the right cover in place to protect against the unforeseen.

If you are travelling for business purposes or you have paid for travel via your business, then you need to get advice otherwise you could find yourself unprotected.

Whether you’re looking for travel insurance for a single trip, an annual multi-trip policy or winter sports cover, Bloom can review matters with you and make a recommendation to suit your needs.

Always check that the destination is safe to travel to – one website that you can check this on is

“Peace of mind is priceless”

Private Medical Cover, Life Cover & Serious Illness Cover

As part of our client’s insurance needs we appreciate that you may wish to review your private medical, life and serious illness covers. We therefore work with several trusted adviser partners who can review all both your current covers as well as provide options and advice on what is available to you and your family. If you require support with such areas, then please just ask.

“One size doesn’t fit all”

Health Screening

As a client of Bloom you are entitled to a 25% reduction on the standard cost of a Bupa Health Assessments. These health checks provide invaluable information to you to keep you healthy and enjoying life.

All Bupa health assessments include:

  • Physical examinations and consultation with a Bupa doctor, with same day test results in most cases.
  • Personalised health report.
  • Practical action plan with advice to help minimise future health risks.
  • Musculoskeletal assessment designed to help you keep fit, active and injury free.
  • New blood sample testing techniques – no more need for a 6 hour fast, no more needles (as it is a finger prick) and same day blood results.

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“Information is one of the most valuable commodities”