Motor Insurance – prestige, performance and collector cars


Luxury cars are made with lots of care being taken with the finer details.  This is what Bloom believes should happen when insuring these expensive and, in some cases, rare vehicles.  We believe you should have the peace of mind to use your vehicles as little or as often as you so wish.  Whether it be a Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley or Aston Martin that you own you would have chosen the vehicle for a reason. If anything were to happen to your vehicle we understand how important it is for you to have your trusted repairer of choice on where and how it should be fixed.

We see many high value car owners relying on standard policies as they are unaware that there are specialist policies available which offer superior cover and terms.  Insurers that provide cover for specialist, luxury and high value vehicles also understand these types of vehicles so can offer additional advice and support.

Benefits that can be expected whether it be a single vehicle or a family fleet arrangement:

  • Fully comprehensive cover – even for cars not owned by you.
  • Additional drivers on a fully comprehensive basis.
  • Enhanced Agreed Value – to protect against the unique nature of these high value vehicles and fluctuating market values.
  • Client specified repairer – you can choose the specialist repairer.
  • Like for like courtesy cars – or excess waived if you don’t use one.
  • Unlimited foreign trips – up to a maximum of 90 days per trip.
  • Extended reinstatement cover for classic cars – this protects against increasing market values.
  • New vehicle replacement.

“When things go wrong, have the insurance to put it right”

Track day cover

Insurers in the main exclude cover for vehicles to be driven in events such as the Gumball rally or round a track such as the famous Nurburgring. Bloom understand that some clients may want to drive their vehicle on a track every now and again so if this is something that you wish to do then there are some insurers that may be able to offer insurance for this.

Collector Vehicles in storage

If you are the lucky owner of part of motor history whether it is a single vehicle or a collection of vehicles, you may choose to store these at another location to your home. Bloom work closely with insurers to understand what cover is needed to both maximise cover and achieve a fair premium.

Specialist services

Bloom have several trusted connections that can be shared with clients:

  • Vehicle detailing.
  • Vehicle sourcing or sale.
  • Vehicle storage.