Contents, Valuables & Collections


If you live in a high value property and have general contents of over £100,000, a standard market insurance policy may not be suitable for you.  If you also own jewellery, art, antiques or collectibles, we can provide access to insurers that will provide cover for these items on a worldwide all risk basis.

When it comes to insurance, Bloom appreciates one policy doesn’t fit all. We provide our clients with a personal service and take an intelligent approach to insurance solutions.  We will take time to understand our clients’ needs and priorities.

Benefits that you could expect from working with Bloom:

  • Rebuild valuation providing a guaranteed building replacement cost for your property (to include most listed buildings).
  • Enhanced cover levels for high value items.
  • Household inventory service support.
  • Discounted contents, jewellery, art and antique valuations.
  • Security review and advice.
  • Excellent claims service causing minimal disruption to your life.
  • All Risks Worldwide cover.
  • Cover for belongings of student children when away at university and elderly parents when in a home.

How we achieve added value:

  • Categorising of art, valuables and collections – to enhance cover and rates.
  • Lifestyle and usage review of assets – to make sure the policy protects you correctly.
  • Excess deductible review – sharing the risk with the insurer can benefit your premium.
  • Risk management review – to provide security advice which can reduce risk.
  • Portfolio Policy review – insuring all assets collectively can save time and costs.

We understand how valuable your home and belongings are to you, not only in the financial sense but also for the well-being of you and your family. Our aim is to give you peace of mind by providing professional advice and arranging tailor-made insurance protection for your home, contents and valuables.

“Flexible Insurance to protect your lifestyle”

Jewellery, Watches and Precious Items

If you own antique or designer jewelry and watches, a specialist policy is the best way to maximise protection for your precious items. Standard market policies very often struggle when it comes to valuable items. They either exclude them or they place restrictions on usage, along with certain security requirements. If the terms applied are not complied with, then this may lead to claims being declined, reduced or cover being cancelled.

Bloom work with a wide choice of insurers who are comfortable in insuring high risk, and high value items on a worldwide all risk basis.  We would review how you use your items, and work with insurers to ensure the terms provided suit your needs.

You can expect to see the following benefits:

      • Individual risk assessments.
      • Less small print.
      • Valuation advice.
      • Enhanced cover terms.
      • Claims settlement.
      • Bespoke list and information stored to support claims.

“Invaluable insurance for your most valued possessions”

Art, Antiques and Collectibles

When we talk about art, we refer to visual works of art and collections that are flat items that hang on a wall.  They could be oil, watercolour, pastel, sketches, or of mixed medium.  Art can be both modern works where the artist is still living or older works where the artist is deceased.  Art is about providing a visually pleasing image to the owner.  It can be purely about personal taste or can be acquired for investment reasons, or a mixture of both.

Items that are old, collectible, rare and unique can be classed as antiques and collectibles.  These could be items of furniture, a grandfather clock or a collection of rare comics.

We know that there is a major issue within the market of these higher value items being undervalued therefore underinsured.  So many people are relying on their existing standard market policy to cover these items. Such policies can include exceptions to higher value items which a lot of clients are unaware of.  Bloom will work with clients to make sure that the insurance figures are regularly reviewed and that any terms or requirements are understood and met. We recommend that higher value items should be revalued every 3 to 5 years.

Bloom have access to wide choice of high-value home insurance policies that can protect a wide range of different collections, including:

      • Fine Art, Paintings and Prints.
      • Antique Furniture and rugs.
      • Sculptures and porcelain items.
      • Gold, Silver and Plated items.
      • Clocks, Barometers and historic time pieces.
      • Vintage or Fine wines.
      • Book/comic collections.
      • Unusual or rare collections.

Bloom will help you maintain up to date and comprehensive records, as well as regularly reviewing the underlying insurance cover levels and terms.  This will ensure that your valuable possessions are adequately protected against loss and market fluctuations.

“Protect your passion”

ALL FOR GOOD ORDER – Inventory Checklist

Besides carrying out insurance adjustments as and when your circumstances change, Bloom strongly encourage our clients to carry out a full contents and property inventory. We suggest that the following be included:

      • Take photographs of any valuable or unique possessions.
      • Keep digital copies of your purchase receipts for valuable items.
      • Obtain valuations for expensive items of jewellery, watches and other precious possessions such as fine art and antiques.
      • Photographs of the property, inside and out.
      • Copies of receipts for higher value items.
      • Bloom will help you complete this when you become a client. We will then help you maintain up to date and comprehensive records.

It may seem like a lot of work, but you’ll be happy to have this information if you ever need to make a claim. Bloom will help you carry this out when you become a client and will then help you maintain up to date records.

“Information is the most valuable commodity”