If you live in a property with a rebuild figure over £500,000, own a holiday home or have built your own bespoke dream home, a standard market policy may not be suitable for you. We would be delighted to support you.

When it comes to insurance, we appreciate one policy doesn’t fit all. Bloom offers a personal service with an intelligent approach to insurance solutions.  We will take time to understand our clients’ needs and priorities.

Benefits that you could expect from working with Bloom:

  • Rebuild valuation providing a guaranteed building replacement cost for your property (to include most listed buildings).
  • Household inventory service support.
  • Discounted contents, jewellery, art and antique valuations.
  • Security review and advice.
  • Excellent claims service causing minimal disruption to your life.
  • All Risks Worldwide cover.
  • Cover for belongings of student children when away at university and elderly parents when in a home.

How we achieve added value:

  • Documenting art, valuables and collections – to enhance cover and rates.
  • Lifestyle and usage review of assets – to make sure the policy protects you correctly.
  • Excess deductible review – sharing the risk with the insurer can benefit your premium.
  • Risk management review – to provide security advice which can reduce risk.
  • Portfolio Policy review – insuring all assets collectively can save time and costs.

We understand how valuable your home is to you, not only in the financial sense but also for the well-being of you and your family. Our aim is to give you peace of mind by providing professional advice and arranging tailor-made insurance protection for your home, contents and valuables.

“Invaluable insurance for your most valued possessions”

Non-standard properties and high risk areas

If you are buying or own a property that has unusual features or previous insurance issues, you may struggle to find adequate cover.

If your property falls into one of the following categories, we would be delighted to help:

      • Thatch roof properties.
      • Properties which have had historic subsidence issues.
      • Flood risk areas.
      • Non-standard construction.
      • High risk location.
      • Subsidence risk areas.
      • Previous claims.

There can also be issues insuring properties in affluent areas due to the higher risk of targeted theft. We can help manage this risk with you by understanding more about how you manage your lifestyle and security. This allows us to present a more detailed picture to insurers, helping to achieve the favourable terms.

“Excellence meets expertise”

Renovations, extensions & self builds

Embarking on refurbishment of your property, buying a property as a renovation project, or simply upgrading your interior can have serious implications to the cover provided by your household insurance policy. This means you could find yourself out of pocket if any damage occurs to your property.

If you are carrying out such works, there are substantial risks that need considering by the property owner. This is the case even if you have a contractor managing the project for you.

It can be difficult to obtain the specialist insurance protection during the period of works. To help our clients with this issue, we can negotiate and tailor cover for properties undergoing construction work. If you have a lender involved, we can also provide support in providing the documentation of cover they may require.

There are many different factors that need considering when you are looking to carry out works to your property. Some examples being:

      • How is the existing structure being affected?
      • What is the length and cost of the works?
      • What liability do you have for the site?
      • How does the Party Wall Act apply to you?
      • Will you need a structural warranty?
      • Will the property be left unoccupied?
      • Are you using a JCT contract?

We would be delighted to offer guidance and advice on the above.

“Peace of mind is priceless”

Listed and historic houses

There are many complicated risks that owners of country estates and historic listed houses face. As the insurance needs surrounding historic properties are more complex, it is vital that the insurer fully understands and appreciates your needs.

Owners of listed properties are deemed as guardians of these houses with historic importance.  The protection of listed properties is managed and controlled by the National Heritage.  They would insist on a like for like replacement if any damage or loss was to occur. It is therefore important to make sure that the property has been surveyed and insured correctly to protect against being underinsured.

At Bloom, we understand these challenges and will provide you with insurance that is designed to protect your property and assets. We aim to give you complete peace of mind that should the worst ever happen, you will find yourself well protected with the support needed to settle the claim.

Benefits that you could expect from working with Bloom:

      • Guaranteed building reinstatement with professional valuation.
      • Household inventory support.
      • Discounted contents, jewelry, art and antique valuations.
      • Security and protection review – for example increasing fire controls or putting in a water leak detection system.
      • Claims service to cause minimal disruption to your life.
      • Access to historic property specialist insurers.

“When things go wrong, have the insurance to put it right”

Overseas Property Insurance

Do you have properties in more than one country?  It could be a ski chalet, a city apartment or a family villa.  It is important that you have the correct insurance to protect you and your properties.  At Bloom, we understand that it can be a minefield to arrange insurance cover for overseas homes.  Local regulations along with language barriers can make it hard for you to be certain that you have the correct cover in place.

If the policy is not adequate, it can prove very costly if you needed to make a claim. We will therefore take the time to understand your requirements.  We want to give you the peace of mind that you will be protected with a UK-based insurance policy, written in English and tailored to your needs.  Policies can allow for family use or can be extended to cover your property owner’s liability if you were to rent it out.  Cover can also be provided for contents left in situ.

“Protect your passion”

Holiday Home

Whether your weekend retreat is a house in the Cotswolds or a fisherman’s cottage in Anglesey, you need to make sure you have suitable insurance cover.  If it is used by the family or rented out to others, the occupancy and overall usage needs to be carefully reviewed to make sure that the insurance cover will protect you and your property.

We will review your needs and make sure that you are fully comfortable with any special requirements within your insurance policy.

We can create an insurance program based on your buildings only or we can look to include contents cover for you.

Sometimes it is beneficial to insure your holiday home within your main home policy. This is something that we can also review on your behalf.

“Insurance reimagined”

Property portfolios

If you have more than one property we can review your options and see if there are benefits to building a portfolio insurance programme.  The main benefits:

      • Wider Cover.
      • Premium reductions.
      • One common renewal date.
      • Ability to add in motor cover.

Rental Homes & property landlords

Whether your property is freehold or leasehold, we can help. In addition to standard insurance risks such as escape of water and fire, there are some additional options that Bloom can review for you, for example:

      • Loss of rent cover – if the property is uninhabitable.
      • Malicious damage cover – even if caused by the tenants.

Unoccupied property

Whether your property is waiting for sale, new tenants or is subject to probate you need specialist insurance as standard insurance will not be adequate due to the property not being occupied or lived in.

There are several insurers that are happy to offer cover for protection against the main insurable perils such as fire and theft. Whatever the circumstance then Bloom can help.